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Posted by Hathor-Liderc - June 9th, 2011

I checked out the other half of the convention as well as checked out other sections in detail.

Nintendo - While I wasn't able to check it out, the Wii-U was apparently not worth the 8-hour wait. From what I saw in the preview videos, it shows some potential. However, the launch titles will either make or break the console and with Nintendo's track record, I fear the latter. Fortunately, the new 3DS titles look pretty amazing. If you haven't played Metal Gear Solid 3, Star Fox 64, or Zelda: Ocarina of Time, I highly recommend you grab them on the 3DS as the updated look and gameplay mechanics add a lot more to the experience. If you have played them, I still recommend them for the nostalgia value at the very least. The new Mario Kart Game for the 3DS looks like a lot of fun, implementing a Kart-customization feature, as well as different terrain in the course, like driving underwater (I'm curious to see how those features will affect races. The Wii's upcoming titles are average at best, however, the one game that really stood out was Zelda: The Skyward Sword, which looks to be an awesome title. Lastly, they announced Fortune Street (aka Itadeki Street) for the DS, which features characters from both the Mario and Dragon Quest franchises in a tricked-out version of monopoly.

Sony of America - Honestly, they didn't have much to offer, as none of the games piqued any interest to me. Their new portable, the Sony Vita, looked interesting. Unfortunately, I was unable to learn anything else about it.

Capcom - Their new Resident Evil games show promise. I was unable to take a look at their 3DS game, but Operation Raccoon City looks like it's going to kick ass. Capcom also announced Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, which features improved game mechanics, as well as some new characters, including Yun, Yang, and Evil Ryu. Honestly, though, I think they're giving SFIV the same treatment as SFII with the multiple versions. Lastly, TekkenxStreet Fighter is looks promising.

Namco-Bandai (Cont.) - Ace Combat, aside, I was able to check out some of their other titles. Inversion is going to be a hit-or-miss with most gamers, as it looks to be a Gears of War clone, but with the added feature of a gravity gun, enabling you to stop your enemies from moving as you riddle them with bullets. Another title that had me excited was Galaga DX, celebrating the game's 30th anniversary, which offers a classic mode of the game, as well as a modern rendition of the old classic that plays like a standard top-scrolling shooter, but with the ability to shoot in all directions.

I know there's still 1 more day of E3 left, but not only am I completely exhausted, but I'm also going to be busy tomorrow. My only regret was not being able to check out the preview of The Old Republic Online. Overall, this year was a pretty good show, to say the least.

E3 2011, Day 2: Final Impressions


Posted by Hathor-Liderc - June 8th, 2011

Unfortunately, I didn't get to see everything today. However, here are the overall first impressions based on what I saw:

Sega of America - Sonic Generations looks promising to say the least, with it's new-school meets old-school style of gameplay. Their preview of Gearbox's upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines was highly impressive, showcasing some of their gameplay mechanics and multiplayer. I got to demo an overhead dual-analog shooter (the name eludes me) that they will be releasing on PSN, Steam, and XBLA and I had a blast trying it out. I was a little bummed when I heard there was nothing on the new Phantasy Star games, but aside from that, they're a personal favorite.

Square-Enix - They seem to be getting their act together this year. While they announced Final Fantasy XIII-2, it wasn't the main focus of their booth, as I saw demos of Deus-Ex 3, Dead Island, along with another game (again the name eludes me). Unfortunately, no news on upcoming Dragon Quest games coming stateside.

Konami - Konami had a pretty huge booth. They were showcasing the new Silent Hill: Downpour, which doesn't look too bad. Metal Gear Solid 3D, which is their port of MGS3, to the 3DS, but with some added features like taking your own pictures and using the pattern as custom camo. They also showcased 2 Dance Dance Revolutions games for the wii and while I haven't played a DDR game in years, I might check it out. A couple games that caught my attention were a spinoff of Gradius called Otomedius (replace ships with cute anime girls) and another called Already Dead. Both of which look like something I'd like to check out.

Warner Brothers Interactive - I didn't see much of them, but I did get a chance to preview Arkham City. I have yet to play the original, but this one had me sold with both the mechanics and the environments. The downside is that its not multiplayer, as was speculated in the past. Regardless, its definitely something to check out.

Namco-Bandai - I unfortunately, got to check them out a bit too late, but I was at least able to play their demo of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. The overall controls seemed a bit loose, however the game is a lot more fast-paced than its predecessors.

...on another note, a few of the people I talked to seemed impressed with some of the questions I asked them. Perhaps I should look into Gaming Journalism?

E3 2011, Day 1: First Impressions

Posted by Hathor-Liderc - April 13th, 2011

Seeing as how I've improved quite a bit (and the fact that the latest one I have was from 2009), I'm currently working on a new voice demo. I hope to get it finished and posted up here soon!

Posted by Hathor-Liderc - April 7th, 2011

Yeah...I don't come on here as much as I should.

Posted by Hathor-Liderc - August 13th, 2010

So I've been spending most of my time playing Starcraft II. I gotta say, it's pretty addicting, despite the fact I'm a little rusty.

Hopefully, I can peel myself away from this game long enough so I can start voice work again.

Posted by Hathor-Liderc - July 21st, 2010

So Hnilmik gave me a FP mention regarding AX Idol. Go on and check it out.

I'd post my take on AX Idol, however there's not much to say, really. I made finals, but I didn't win. It's cool though, because I learned a lot.

Quick side-note:
I should post here a bit more often.

Posted by Hathor-Liderc - March 30th, 2009

Seeing as how I've been here a while and I've never properly introduced myself, my name is Hathor Liderc. I am an aspiring voice actor, whom you may have heard if you've seen Frivolous Scrolls or Phoenix Wright: CFA

Anyway, I'm glad to be here.